Chamber Orchestra

This course provides a continuation of string disciplines begun in Senior Orchestra. Performance and a quantitative as well as qualitative approach to the body of chamber literature are stressed.

Students must be able to participate in all activities including after-school, evening and weekend performances and rehearsals as scheduled by the directors.

Students must own or rent an instrument.

Private instruction is essential.

Open to: Grades 7-12 Term: 2 sem
Credit: 1 unit (Non-Academic Credit)

Prerequisite: Prior orchestra experience & audition

Pay to Particpate: $15 for music, folders, & supplies (additional concert wear costs described below)

Performance Attire: long, black, formal dresses for girls, which can be purchased through the music department or online from a specific website (currently $60); tuxedos (rented from the music department for $25) and a tuxedo shirt, bow tie, and cummerbund (covered by the rental).
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