Senior Bands

includes Marching Band, Symphonic Band, & Wind Ensemble

The Marching Band, including Color Guard, performs during first semester at football games, marching competitions, and local parades. Students will be required to participate in a three-week summer band camp, which will take place three weeks prior to the beginning of school. Students must make a major time commitment during first quarter. All must participate in after-school rehearsals during the school week. Once registered, no member may withdraw without Director and Principal approval. Students who do not fulfill these obligations will receive an “X” for the quarter.

All members of the Marching Band in grades 8-12, including the Color Guard members, will receive gym credit for their participation; however, you must be a part of the Marching Band for 2 years to receive this credit.

Auditions for Senior Bands (Wind Ensemble & Symphonic Band) will take place in the spring of the previous school year. Senior Band members who do not participate in Marching Band will be enrolled in a fall indoor band until the conclusion of the marching band season. After marching band season, all senior band members will participate in either Wind Ensemble or Symphonic Band for the remainder of the school year (as determined by their audition results the previous spring).

Wind Ensemble offers select positions to establish a well-balanced ensemble capable of performing college level band literature. Symphonic Band serves as a stepping-stone to Wind Ensemble through participation in a well-balanced ensemble capable of performing high school band literature. Both groups are required to perform in two public concerts as well as additional appearances in school or civic functions, music contests and festivals.

Private instruction is encouraged.

Open to: Grades 7, 8, 9 Term: 2 sem
Credit: 1 unit (Non-Academic Credit)

Prerequisite: Beginning or Intermediate Band & Teacher Approval

Pay to Particpate: $25 which will help with equipment and music purchases. For Marching Band participants anticipated band camp costs not to exceed $500 (which includes $60 registration, $25 for uniform & the cost of personal marching items such as shoes & gloves tec). Color guard and percussionists pay an additional $65 for their equipment. Purchase through school of long, black formal dresses for concerts (not to exceed $100) for the women is a one time expense.

Performance Attire: Tuxedos for men and concert dresses (see above) for women; marching band uniforms are provided.
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