Instrument Rental

Most of our music students own their instruments. For those students who do not own an instrument, we suggest that you rent one from an area music store. The advantages of renting from a music store are (1) a better quality instrument, (2) insurance from loss or damage, and (3) your rental money can apply directly toward purchase of a new instrument. Some of the area music stores which offer rental plans appear below:

The music department does have a limited number of instruments available to rent. Our rental agreements run semester to semester (and over the summer for students who wish to keep up their skills during break). Current rates are $75 per semester, $150 for the school year, payable in advance with a signed rental agreement. Please contact your music teacher for availability and additional details.

If you have instruments at home which you are no longer using, and would like to see them go to a good home, please consider donating them to the music department (it’s tax deductible!). We would be delighted to put them to good use.
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