Beginning Choir

This is an introductory course for junior high singers. Emphasis is placed on the basics of proper individual and group singing including posture, tone, intonation, blend and balance. Special attention is given to issues relating to the male changing voice in instruction and choice of music. Instruction also stresses music reading skills including knowledge of treble and bass clef, beginning rhythmic concepts, sight-singing syllables, and music terminology. The choral literature performed will be unison through three-part harmony, with some introduction to four-part music.

Students are required to participate in one public performance.

Private instruction is encouraged.

Open to: Grades 7, 8 Term: 1 sem
Credit: 0.5 unit

Prerequisite: None

Pay to Particpate: $15 will be charged to all students

Performance Attire: black pants and white blouse for girls; black pants, white button-down shirt and straight black tie for boys – which it is the responsibility of students to have by the time of their concert
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