2019-2020 WHHS Parent Association


President Lucinda Hurst  
Vice President Simone Bess  
Recording Secretary John Capannari  
Treasurer Peg Reed  

Leadership & Board of Directors

Legacy of Excellence Chair Davis Griffin  
Legacy of Excellence Chair Brian Wade  
WalnutFest Chair Sally O'Callaghan  
WalnutFest Chair Christine van der Bent  
ILT Parent Rep Anna Byars  
ILT Parent Rep Pete Riddle  
LSDMC Parent Rep Laura Stith Deck  
LSDMC Parent Rep Sylvia Nelson  
LSDMC Parent Rep Judy Neff  
7th/8th Grade Liaison Angela Robinson  
7th/8th Grade Liaison Nikki Hollis  
7th / 8th Grade Liaison Angela Dobbins-Dyer  
9th Grade Liaison Debbie Elliot  
9th Grade Liaison Jamie Van Landuyt  
10th Grade Liaison Maronica Williams  
10th Grade Liaison Monica Mitchell  
11th Grade Liaison Catherine Gavin  
11th Grade Liaison Sarah Hilton  
12th Grade Liaison Molly Henning  
12th Grade Liaison Julie Smyth  
Hospitality Chair Amanda Adkins  
New Family Welcome Chair Veronica Tollefson  
New Family Welcome Chair April Flessa  
Past President Bill Wolf  
Theatre Liaison Michele Daniher  
WHIP President Mark Lawson  
Student Liaison Caroline Horvath  

Ex Officio Members

Principal John Chambers  
Legal Advisor Bob Smyth  
Alumni Foundation Director Debbie Heldman  
Faculty Liaison Samantha Gerwe-Perkins  
Counselling Liaison Adrian Cabrera  

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US News - America's Best High Schools - Ranked 65th in USA and awarded Gold Medal status.
Newsweek - America's Best High Schools 2010 - Walnut Hills Ranked 66th in USA and #1 in Ohio!