Login to Powerschool

Are you in the “Walnut Hills know”? If you aren’t sure, please get a PowerSchool account and make sure it’s up to date! If you have your username and password, please sign in.

PowerSchool is the computer system used by Cincinnati Public Schools to keep track of student information. It gives parents and students access to real-time information with respect to attendance and grades. PowerSchool is also the database that stores the contact information, including address, phone numbers and email addresses, for each student which is used by the school for communicating with parents and students. It is therefore vitally important that the information in PowerSchool be kept up to date.

Please take a moment to log on to PowerSchool to check whether the information in the “Demographic” and “Email Alert/Phone Change” tabs is up to date. Email and Phone Numbers can be updated within PowerSchool. You will need to contact Rebecca Davis, the WHHS Registrar, for address and name changes.

Parents must acquire and use their own PowerSchool usernames and passwords in order to review addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, as this information is not accessible when using a student username and password. Parents with more than one student at Walnut Hills should check that the information associated with each student is correct. Given that email is becoming an increasingly important means of communication at Walnut Hills and Cincinnati Public Schools, please make sure that parents’, as opposed to students’, email addresses are listed in PowerSchool. Parents without a current PowerSchool account must fill out an Account Request Form. This may be done in person at WHHS, or online at: https://powerschool.cps-k12.org. An account will be created and the username and password will be sent to Lynn Helbig, the WHHS PowerSchool Coordinator. Parents will need to go to the school and present identification to receive their usernames and passwords. For questions regarding this process, please contact Shelli Daniels at 363-8401 or danishe@cps-k12.org. Why get a PowerSchool account other than to check your contact information?

PowerSchool will give you access to:
  • Your student's current classes and current grades from the teachers' gradebooks, including scores on specific assignments.
  • Your student's attendance for the school year.
  • Email alerts regarding:
    • Summary of current grades and attendance
    • Detailed reports showing all assignment scores for each class
    • Detailed report of attendance
  • Graduation requirements
  • Test Scores, including Ohio Achievement Test, Ohio Graduation Test, SAT, ACT, PSAT and PLAN
  • The Student Dashboard, which shows your student's strengths and weaknesses on the state tests and district assessments.

More information regarding PowerSchool can be found at http://www.cps-k12.org/Parents/PowerSchool/PowerSchool.htm.
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