Student Activities

Walnut Hills High SchoolIn addition to the academic rigor, Walnut Hills High School has many other activities for the students to develop beyond the class room.
  • Student Congress
    Our student congress is the student body’s official voice to the administration where student suggestions or concerns can be brought to the attention of their representatives who will then communicate to the greater body.
  • Clubs
    There are a wide variety of clubs for the students to experience and join ranging from science, nature, sports, school newspaper, culinary, culture and more.
  • Athletics
    Being known for our strong academic programs, Walnut Hills also has a comprehensive athletic programs for the students to participate in both men’s and women’s sports for all grades.
  • Fine Arts
    The students also have the opportunity to participate in a dynamic fine arts program within the school which includes music, visual arts, theatre and the music parents (WHIP) program
US News - America's Best High Schools - Ranked 65th in USA and awarded Gold Medal status.
Newsweek - America's Best High Schools 2010 - Walnut Hills Ranked 66th in USA and #1 in Ohio!