March 18, 2020

Dear Walnut Hills High School Families,

Well, the only thing that I know for certain is that there is a lot of uncertainty. On behalf of the entire administrative team, we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are doing well. We are definitely in an unprecedented situation, and Walnut Hills High School is attempting to figure out the best way to proceed, as is the entire world. We do not have all of the answers right now, but we want you to know that we are committed to clear and ongoing communication as it is available. Superintendent Laura Mitchell will be sharing weekly updates via a district robocall on Mondays. Walnut Hills High School will communicate any critical information as it becomes available, and we will provide updates weekly in the Eagle Flyer which will be published each Friday.

Our first concern is for the health, safety, and well-being of our students. Out of an abundance of caution and concern for student health, the district is not permitting anyone to access CPS buildings at this time. We can only imagine that many students would like to retrieve items that were left at school due to our unanticipated closure. Currently, we do not know when the building will be open for access, but as soon as we know anything, we will pass that information along to you.

The current plan from the district is to return to school on Monday, April 6; schools are closed for three weeks in accordance with Governor DeWine’s mandate. We want learning to continue during that time. The majority of our teachers have transitioned to online, remote learning through our Schoology Learning Management System, which does require students to have computer and internet access. If students are not able to access Schoology due to technology limitations, then we advise that they use the paper packet geared towards their grade level to continue instruction. Here is additional information about continuing learning through the paper packet; it includes information about having packets printed at Staples as well as the schedule for when and where CPS will distribute packets:

Parents, we understand that there is a lot of your plate at this time as you try to manage your work and family needs as well as your children’s schooling. We greatly appreciate all of your efforts to help bring some structure to your children’s days and to continue their learning. Please make certain that your students are learning through Schoology or the district-provided packets and attending to their education each day. That said, next week is Spring Break, and we definitely want our students to enjoy a week of relaxation and rest. We all need it!

As you all know, this situation with COVID-19 is fluid and changing. As stressful as it is for us as adults, we know it is a really challenging for students to accept, adjust, and adapt to this new way of life in the short-term. Please attend to their well-being first and foremost. We completely empathize that there is anxiety about what happens with pending events, including those as significant as AP testing, prom and graduation. As soon as we have definitive information and plans, we will share those with you.

Please continue to read below with information and updates that we do have at this time.

Best wishes,

John Chambers

Important updates/quick references:

  • Teachers will be posting 3rd quarter grades to PowerSchool on Thursday at noon. More information about 3rd quarter report card distribution will follow.
  • There will be a robo call from the district for staff and families every Monday.
  • Details regarding access to healthy meals during school closures:, See below for an opportunity about how to help!
  • Details regarding work packet distribution, for students do not have Schoology access: If you do have Schoology access, please refer to your teachers' Schoology pages for their remote learning plans.
  • New student registration will be rescheduled. Please do not email or send registration packets to the school as they will not be accepted. The date for the New Student Registration will be published on the Walnut Hills website.
  • No one is allowed access to CPS buildings until further notice, with the exception of plant operators, nurses, and lunchroom managers.
  • Plant operators received training and have already started cleaning the building.
  • Nurses are working to contact families and distribute medication for all school age children.
  • The United Way is helping to organize volunteers to assist with food and work packet distribution.
  • There have been some connectivity issues with Schoology and email due to the increased usage. Thank you for your patience as this issue is addressed.
  • The CPS Hotline is 363-0123: Option 1 - Volunteer Hotline; Option 2 - Food; Option 3 - Work Packets; Option 4 - Medication; Option 5 - Live Help.
  • Continue to check the CPS website and Schoology for updates.
  • Need to contact a Walnut Hills High School teacher? Here is contact information that is also available on our website:

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