Science Information

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General Information
World Book Online
This has great explanations of basic concepts in science, with good diagrams and pictures. A username and password to access the INFOhio Electronic Resources is available from the school library media center.

This has magazine and newspaper articles for the past 21 years, and includes many science magazines. This is a good place to look if you want to find out if your science idea or topic has been in the news. From home: user name:7675; password: 7675

Gale Student Resource Center
Reference, magazine, and newspaper articles about science, and many other topics. A good source for background information. From home: user name: CINC48953 and password: cinc_log.

Science Online
News and articles about science, plus study guides and science reference. From home: user name:infohio; password: search

Biology and the Environment
Cell Biology Tutorials
This site breaks cell biology down to cell cycle and mitosis, meiosis, and more.

WWW Cell Biology Course
All the basic information for cell biology.

The Solar System and Planets
The Nine Planets
100 web pages with one on each important body in the Solar System, including pictures, satellite data, scientific and historical facts, and more.

Visual Elements Periodic Table Includes information on all the elements, a brief history of the modern periodic table and more.

A clickable periodic table with all kinds of information on each element.

Physics Central
News and information on all aspects of physics from the American Physical Society.

Physics Tutorials
Brush up on basic physics here!

Antimatter: Mirror of the Universe
An award winning site created by CERN, a physics and nuclear research organization, that is an exploration of what antimatter is and how it is a part of our lives.

Physics at the Amusement Park
A great collection of links about the physics of roller coasters and other amusement park rides.
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