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A general search engine of U.S. government information.

Biographical Directory of U.S. Members of Congress
Biographical information on all member of the U.S. Congress, from the present going back in time to the Continental Congress.

The White House
Information on the White House and its history.

Public Agenda
A great deal of statistical information on various current issues is available here. "Drawing on its research, Public Agenda prepares a broad array of educational materials that help explain policy issues to the public in a balanced and easy-to-understand way. Citizens can use this information to weigh various choices and make educated decisions."

World History
Student Resource Center-Gold
Biographical information and overviews of historical events. Password from home: cinc48953

3,000 years of history in an online timeline of events and people.

Internet History Sourcebook
Collections of fulltext original documents for a wide variety of areas of history (Ancient, Medieval, Women's, Islamic, etc.).

World History from the BBC:
Links to biographical information and historical events from ancient times to the present.

Homework Center
History Multnomah County, Oregon has a wonderful collection of links on all aspects of world history

Historical Map Website
Historical maps from all eras of human history, provided by the Perry-Casteneda Library at the University of Texas-Austin. Please do not print these off in the WHHS Library!

Library of Congress: Country Studies
Library of Congress offers this series of online books which provide extensive information on all aspects of the country, its society, natural resources, economy, history, and international relationships.

U.S. State Department Background Notes
Information on countries of the world. Select a geographic region, and then the country, to find specific information on it. This website also contains warnings for travelers on dangerous areas of the world.

African Countries Information
Links to information on the countries of Africa. Provides data on social, political and cultural affairs.

Human Rights Watch World Report
Information on the status of human rights in many countries of the world and how its negatively affects the people there.

Islam 622 A.D.-Present
An historical outline of the Muslim world from 622 A.D. to the present, complete with maps and tables. One particularly useful section is on the history of Afganistan from 1747-1973, introducing the complete history of that country. Use the detailed table of contents to find exactly what you need in this very informative, but very long article. Also be sure to cut and paste the information you need before printing.

Global Connections: The Middle East
This site provides background information for events in the Middle East. There is a timeline of key events from 1900; a thematic section viewing "events through the lens of politics, science, economics, and more"; and a section of "big picture" questions with accompanying essays and lesson plans. From the PBS station WGBH in Boston.

American History
Student Resource Center-Gold
Biographical information and overviews of historical events. Password from home: cinc48953

The American Memory Project
A collection of images and information from the Library of Congress collections. The collections of 19th century photographs are particularly good.

America’s Historical Newspapers (1690-1920)
Timeline and topics covering events, discoveries, literature and more from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Reconstruction, industrialization, Progressive Era, WWI and other eras. This is from Newsbank; from home, user name: 7675, password: 7675

Today in History and the Today in History Archives
tell you about famous events in American history, day by day through the calendar year.

Homework Center
Multnomah County (Oregon) Public Library has wonderful subject organized guide to websites in American History.

Ancient History
If you are looking for ancient Rome, check under Latin

General Information
Ancient History Online
All about the cultures of major ancient civilizations. You will need a password from home. User name: walnut ; password: hills.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Contemporary accounts and documents about life in ancient Mesopotamian cultures.

Ancient Mesopotamia
General information about these cultures.

Ancient History
Links to hundreds of websites on all aspects of ancient civilization, from the Open Directory Project

History of Plumbing
Since many of these civilizations had great plumbing (better than any that would be available until the Romans), this is a site with lots of interesting (and funny) information about sanitary facilities of ancient times.

Mesopotamia and the Ancient Middle East
This is a collection of VERY good links about ancient civilizations and their cultures that is put together by the staff of the Multnomah County library in Portland OR. There are fun as well as serious sites listed here. Don't miss the site that teaches you how to write in cuneiform!

Ur or Sumer
Sumerian Mythology

Sumer and Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Egypt
Death in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Eygpt
information on life in ancient Eygpt from the British Museum. Many very good pictures

Tour of Ancient Eygpt
Pictures and information about archeological sites in Eygpt.

Mysteries of the Nile
The website for a NOVA special on Eygpt with good cultural information.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Crete
Ancient Crete
A beautifully illustrated site with good information about the civilization of Knossos and Phaestos

Ancient Greece
Chloris - An Aegean Bronze Age Bibliography
This is a searchable database of websites and information about the archeology of the Aegean Bronze age. Some of these are very specific; make sure you have exact search terms to look for things (i.e. Tiryns instead of sculpture)

Bronze Age Greece

Ancient Greece (Classical)
Ancient Greece
A general site with information on classical Greece from the BBC.

Ancient Greece
This site is from History for Kids, so as you might expect, it's pretty basic. A good place to start if you know very little about ancient Greece.

The Ancient Greek Olympics
A multimedia tour of the ancient Olympic games from the Perseus Project.

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
The companion website for the PBS television series.

The Odyssey of Ancient Greece
An introduction to Greek civilization from the Michael Carlos Museum at Emory University.

Medieval History
There is a large collection of books on all aspects of medieval life and culture on reserve in the Walnut Hills HS Library. Remember: as with other projects, the Web has wonderful visuals for your projects but the factual information in books is still much more complete!

General Information About the Middle Ages
Ancient and Medieval History Online
All about people and cultures of the Middle Ages all over the world. From home, user name: walnut password: hills

World Book Online
Biographical and historical overview articles from an excellent online encyclopedia. Note: you will have to get the user name and password from school to use this.

Footwear of the Middle Ages
This site provides historical context for footwear in the Middle Ages, with special emphasis on Britain and Denmark.

Homework Center: the Middle Ages
A great collection links on people and life during the Middle Ages

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Medieval resources all in one.

Medieval Technology Pages
This site provides information on technological innovations and related subjects in western Europe during the Middle Ages, by subejct or by timeline.

Middle Ages
Everyday life in medieval times including feudal life, religion, clothes, the arts and more.

Medieval Timeline Reference
"A database of medieval events, people and places." Inlcudes a timeline, people, places, maps, family trees and more.

Middle English Lyrics
Read Middle English lyrics with translations next to them!

Castles of the World
A great castle page by Jaime J. Fernandez.

The Fortification of Castle Walls and Gates
Learn about the sizes of castles, towers, gatehouses here.

The Crusades
Crusades: Catholic Encyclopedia
Includes click definitions, origins through the final loss of eastern colonies.

Islam and Islamic History in Arabia and The Middle East: The Crusaders
With an Arab perspective, this site explains the Crusades.

The Medieval Knight
Find out at this site what a knight is, how one becomes a knight, what chivalry is, what types of armoe and weapons were used.

Monasteries, Orders & Cathedrals
Learn about the history of abbeys and view a floor plan online.

Collapsed Cathedral
Which famous cathedral collapsed? Find out here.

Glastonbury Abbey & the Legends of Joseph of Arimathea and King Arthur
The history of this abbey and the legends surrounding it.

Men of God: Bishops, Priests and Monks
Learn about the different roles of medieval clergymen.

Learn about the origins of monasticism, the different orders, and more.

This site describes the roles of monks and nuns in medieval times.

Tour of Durham Cathedral & Castle
Take a tour of the castle and the cathedral.

Westminster Abbey
Take a tour of the abbey.
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